Mitchell Parks Board


In 2021 the Mayor and the City Council of Mitchell reactivated the city Parks and Recreation Board. After the reformation, the board felt it important to first develop a mission statement that would guide any endeavors from this point forward.

Their new mission statement reads as follows: “The mission of the Mitchell Parks and Recreation Board is to provide safe, well-maintained parks and public spaces through preservation, community enrichment, and memorable experiences. “

This volunteer board works alongside city officials and staff,  developing a 5 year plan to help them assess the community’s recreational needs and prioritize them accordingly. They continually search to secure grants as well as state and federal funding to further the improvements to the parks owned by the city and the others they maintain.

The Parks and Recreation Board meetings are open to the public and are currently held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 4:30 PM at City Hall. Feel free to reach out to Lori Hall if you would like to address the board.

At least one week notice is required to add your issue to the agenda.



407 South 6th Street
Mitchell, Indiana 47446



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