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The Mayor is an elected chief executive officer that is in charge of representing his or her city. This responsibility is carried out on many levels – from acting as a sounding-board for their city to implementing policies in collaboration with the City Council. The Mayor oversees all city operations and ensures that city services are completed to the best of their capabilities.

STATE OF THE CITY (as of 04/14/2023)

I took office as Mayor on November 14, 2022. I would like to let you know what has been going on since then.

The city has had a major natural gas leak and a major water line rupture. Thankfully no one was injured and we had no long-term utility disruptions. In February we had two police officers shot. THANK YOU JESUS neither suffered life threating injuries nor was killed in this action. But it does remind us that what is happening across this great country is also happening in our front yards.
Since November 14th city employees have picked up 502 tons of trash, filled hundreds of potholes, repaired numerous water leaks and issued over 100 building permits. The city has replaced 35 dead meters. Some meters going back to the Hancock administration which has resulted in approximately $50,000.00 a month in increased water and sewer department revenues. We have also replaced over 100 old water meters with radio read meters and are over fifty percent done replacing all the old meters.
The city entered into an agreement with the RDC to build a shell building in the Mitchell Industrial Park. Therefore, improving the opportunity to attract new industry to Mitchell. We have seen the beginning of the city’s newest subdivision which will contain twenty-eight homes when finished. The city has received grants to help us repave Teke Burton/Ralph Carpenter way and meridian road which will begin later this spring.
Our police department has written numerous speeding tickets, made several drug arrests and removed a large quantity of drugs from our streets. We have learned that no one from Washington DC down to the local level has no idea what to do or how to handle mental health issues. Because of this our localleaders formed a group to make the community aware of how to help these individuals.
We have seen the end of the Monon Railroad and the beginning of the Monon Trail. There has been new signage placed in the city cemetery and several beatification improvements to our city. This shows what can be accomplished when we work together as a community. Hang in there with us as we make Mitchell a better place to live.
Your mayor,
Nathan Jenkin



407 South 6th Street
Mitchell, Indiana 47446

Mayor of Mitchell:
Nathan Jenkins



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